Criminal Defense

Welcome to the Law Office of Allison F. Hibbard, Attorney at Law, an Ohio attorney specializing in criminal defense. When you or someone you love stands accused of a crime, you deserve to have experienced legal counsel advocating for you in a court of law. Learn more about Cuyahoga County criminal defense lawyer services from Attorney Hibbard by scheduling a free consultation.

Practice Areas

Attorney Allison F. Hibbard maintains a law office in Akron, Ohio and offers legal representation throughout Cuyahoga County, Summit County, Portage County, Lorain County, Lake County, and Stark County. Attorney Hibbard represents Ohio clients in need of criminal defense services for felonies and misdemeanors. Attorney Hibbard can work with clients and their families to prepare a strong criminal defense and fight the charges in court, or to plead the case if that is what the client desires. Throughout the process, Attorney Hibbard will keep you and your loved ones informed of the legal proceedings and advised on the best possible legal outcome.

Attorney Allison Hibbard welcomes anyone who needs legal representation for criminal defense services in the greater Cleveland area. When it comes to fighting criminal charges, it is not advisable to represent yourself in court. You do not have the legal knowledge to advocate for yourself when it matters most. A skilled attorney can advocate for you in the courtroom and offer advice on the best way to handle the situation you are in, so that you can get past this and move on with your life.

A criminal defense attorney can make the process of standing trial or settling your criminal case less stressful, no matter what the charges. In any criminal case, you have the right to a fair trial and legal counsel to represent you.

About Attorney Allison F. Hibbard

Attorney Allison F. Hibbard holds a B.A. in Political Science and Government from John Carroll University and a J.D. from Cleveland State University – Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Attorney Hibbard started her own law firm and specializes in the area of criminal defense.

Learn more about how a criminal attorney can help you. Schedule a free consultation with Attorney Allison F. Hibbard today to discuss your charges and learn more about the attorney’s professional experience today by calling (216) 258-9893.